Sister Ignatia Her Talk at 1960 AA Convention Medical Meeting with Colonel Townes , Hörbuch, Digital, ungekürzt, 67min



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This audiobook features Sister Ignatia’s talk at 1960 AA Convention Medical Meeting with Colonel Townes. It was chaired by John Park Lee, administrator at St. Luke’s Hospital.First speaker: Colonel Towns, son of Charles B. Towns and founder of Towns HospitalColonel Towns speaks about how his father founded the hospital. His father was one of the rare people then who saw alcoholics as sick people who needed treatment for an illness. He tells a bunch of very interesting and enlightening stories with a lilt of rule 62 laughter in his voice. One story is about his father’s fear that prohibition would put him out of business.He talks about working with AA Intergroup and AA Sponsors. He warns about tranquilizers, which in 1960, doctors were handing out like candy on Halloween. He says some great things about Doctor Silkworth and explains how the allergy explanation helps by alleviating alcoholics‘ fears that they are crazy. Also includes is a very historic talk by a close friend and associate of Dr. Silkworth and Bill W.Second speaker: Sister IgnatiaShe tells how she came to be at Saint Thomas Hospital in Akron, where she met Doctor Bob and how Doctor Bob got first AA patient admitted despite her fears. Because, few weeks earlier, a man had suffered delirium tremens in the middle of the night, and it was a very troubling episode.Doctor Bob assured her that the AA patient would be medicated so that would not happen with him. The steady stream of AA members visiting the hospitalized newcomers meant setting up a dedicated area of the hospital and the special accommodations.Her speech also covers how she often called Dr. Bob’s wife Ann for advice about dealing with individual alcoholics. Sister Ignatia comments on Ann Smith’s contribution to AA and about the close relationship between Dr. Bob and Bill W.An entire talk by the meeting’s chairperson, John Park Lee, is also available on ungekürzt. Language: English. Narrator: Colonel Towns, Sister Ignatia, John Park Lee, A. Bill Friend. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.


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